SHOCKING Video Of An Alligator Tries To Bring Dinner Home, But Instead….

shocking video of an eel

Animals often share features from their nature that can help them protect from attack. In the case of an electric eel, the shock from an electric eel can generate up to 600 volts. This video shows how an alligator who craves for its dinner experiences the full consequences when it tries to snap an … [continue]

2016 PowerPoint Presentation By Microsoft Is Using Image Recognition


To avoid the hustle of preparing presentations, Microsoft has launched a new feature in Office 2016 named Designer. With 12.000 templates to choose from, the tool allows you to upload a picture and based on an analysis of the image create a design that suits your needs. Once you select a blueprint, all is left for you is to add your content. To make your presentation look even more appealing to your audience, you can take advantage of another PowerPoint tool, Morph, by creating ‘morph transitions’ which are basically objects like text and images which have been re-positioned in a duplicated slide.


Although With All The Technology In Hands, Saturated Traffic Is Still Taking Its Toll In Major Cities Around The World

Traffic Jam

Despite the proliferation of technology and its constant implementation in our lives, it has yet to reach its full potential with regards to transportation and infrastructure in the U.S. Technological advancements however can provide with solutions for infrastructure problems including traffic. Ranging from the utilization of sensor technology such as surveillance video to the use of virtual reality to record roadways and IoT devices for monitoring, there are numerous ways technology can cater for an improved U.S infrastructure.


Could TensorFlow By Google Be The Smartest Learning Machine? Official Google Blog


Machine learning is an emerging trend that will take the world by storm in the coming years. Working within these grounds, Google developed Tensor Flow, a machine learning system that has been made open source. With unlimited potential based on the ability to build and train neural nets, Tensor Flow can be used from speech recognition to even unravel complex data for research purposes. In this sense it can contribute significantly to research on machine learning.


Find Out How Your Own Brain Can Play Tricks On You With Those 10 Incredible Optical Illusions

The Hering Illusion

Our visual perception and its limitations, are often challenged by optical illusions. There are different reasons behind how and why different optical illusions ‘trick’ our brain. This article explains how famous optical illusions actually work based on how the brain perceives light and how visual neurons experience shapes, color and dimensions. Fascinating!


Could We Possibly Save Humanity From Extinction Using Planetary Resources To Mine Asteroids?

Planetary Resources aims to mine asteroids

Colonizing space is one of human’s longstanding desires. The Space Act of 2015 cleared regulations regarding space mining, leaving it to the discretion of companies to navigate their way through exploring resources from asteroids. Planetary Resources, one such company, sees this breakthrough private space industry as more than science fiction. Although there are still technical barriers to overcome, Lewicki, President and Chief Engineer of Planetary Resources, with his team, aspire to be able to launch mining missions to space before the end of 2010s.


How A Nuclear Physicist Made A Rocket Out Of A Bottle Of Coke!

Rocket Coke

People are often fascinated by conducting science experiments. Rocket scientists even more! When a nuclear physicist tries to examine what happens when you mix Mentos with soda, the result is dramatic! The funniest part of the video is the formation of the foam and the speedy reaction. Enjoy the rocket blast of an exploding coke! Watch it Here  Image courtesy Of